CASC Signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Tibet Finance Lease Co., Ltd


On November 21, CASC signed some cooperation agreements, including the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Tibet Finance Lease Co., Ltd (abbreviated as “TFLC” hereafter). The leaders including Mr. Li Hai of CASC General Manager, Mr. Sun Bo of CASC Vice General Manager, Mr. Zhu Haiping of General Manager Assistant, Mr. Wang Yanjun of TFLC President, and Mr. Lu Honghan, Mr. Liu Zhenmin, and Mr. Wang Long of TFLC Vice President were present in the signing ceremony of this agreement.

It was addressed by Mr. Li Hai in his speech that CASC paid extreme attentions to the coordination with TFLC, China civil aviation industry would achieve great development in term of aviation transportation and general aviation, and Tibet played special strategic significance in China, so that CASC was willing to coordinate with TFLC to jointly explore civil aviation finance lease business and he expected CASC and TFLC would make greater contribution to the development of Tibet civil aviation industry.

It was also addressed by Mr. Wang Yanjun in his speech that the dramatic developments of aviation transportation business and rapid increase of aviation purchase and lease business would offer broad marketing prospect for the coordination between CASC and TFLC, and expected to implement the coordination in term of aviation business including aircraft purchase, aircraft leasing management, and finance arrangement by virtue of important role and impact of CASC in China civil aviation business. Both CASC and TFLC shall exercise their mega-merger to provide better service and development for aviation industry business in Tibet region, and advocate CASC exploration and development in Tibet region.

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