Mr. Yang Xiaoming Attended 2016 World Airport City Conference and Made the Keynote Speech


On November 17, Mr. Yang Xiaoming of CASC Vice General Manager was invited to attend 2016 World Airport City Conference and made the keynote speech of “Sustainable Development of Airport Construction and City”.

Mr. Yang Xiaoming specified that aviation transportation was different from conventional sea-land and land transportation method, and was one leap for human being to rely on the technology to relieve from the restriction caused by natural condition and was also the key to future prosperity of a city. Consequently, in purpose for sustainable development of aviation metropolitan, the “green” concept must be persisted for airport planning and construction, the method of “wisdom” must be exercised in the implementation, integrated building management system and such intelligence technology as distributed photovoltaic generation must be applied to improve the operational efficiency, in order to achieve a “Green Intelligence Airport”.

World Airport City Conference is one of large-scale and influential world civil aviation conferences and exhibitions around the world. It aims to discuss the important role of airport & region economy tendency and airport industry for the promotion of economy development of local city, and provide a platform for mutual communication and discussion of decision management and the builders. Decades of those experts and scholars from China and foreign countries are collected to share their concepts, experiences and prospects to aviation metropolitan.

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